an EQUAL America

In this 21st Century there should be no distinction between gender, race, or faith in our great country. We are a nation of laws and we recognize equality under the law. In particular, women's rights are human rights. That pertains as much to health decisions as it does to pay equality. No legislative body should dictate decisions to a woman's body and women should receive equal pay for equal work (interestingly, our US military our Civil Service has led the way in recognizing pay equality for quite some time. Pay is determined by rank/grade and time in service, period).

America CAN be EQUAL and Indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for all.


a SAFE America

I support the Second Amendment right to keep arms (I own five firearms) and I also believe in common-sense gun safety solutions which reduce the likelihood of guns getting into the hands of terrorists, criminals, children, and those with mental health issues. Those solutions include:
1) Expand background checks. 2) Ban assault weapons. 3) Ban high-capacity magazines. 4) Override “open carry” state laws with federal common-sense laws. 5) Repeal laws protecting gun manufacturers from product law-suits. 6) Require licensing and firearms insurance for firearms.


a SECURE America

There is no doubt that there are dangers in the world. We must be vigilant to protect our citizens from terrorist attacks or "lone wolf" extremists and to ensure that unstable countries do not obtain nuclear weapons. We must protect our government, businesses, and individuals from cyber attacks. We must do all this AND stay true to our core values. Military action should always be the last resort after diplomatic efforts and sanctions have been exhausted.

America CAN be strong, safe and secure, while at the same time, respected and admired around the world.

America CAN have a strong military, secure borders, and protected infrastructure that is inviting to friends and avoided by foes.


a WORKING America

It is time to provide training opportunities for the jobs of today and tomorrow while also offering incentives to create jobs for our future. We must invest in our deteriorating infrastructure and in renewable energy sources to build a thriving and sustainable economy for all Americans.

Phasing in a living wage, adjusted for geographic disparities and setting equal pay for equal work, regardless of gender, will guarantee a strong middle class and add trillions to our economy.

America CAN provide working opportunities with livable incomes and in safe working environments.


a FAIR America

The complexity of our Tax Code is abysmal and inexcusable. As of 2015, our federal tax code was 74,608 pages. Compare that volume to our U.S. Constitution which consists of 4,400 words and it is no wonder that Americans are frustrated and an entire industry exists to prepare our personal taxes.

As our politicians continue to hand out tax breaks for those individuals and corporations who truly do not need them, the middle class is left to shoulder the tax burden. All too often the wealthiest among us pay a lower tax rate than the neediest among us.

We must simplify our tax code, close the loopholes, and restore a fair, balanced and respected tax code for all our citizens.

America CAN be FAIR with reasonable and responsible tax laws for all.


a HEALTHY America

Quality healthcare should be available to all people, regardless of income level or employment status. We should retain what works in the Affordable Care Act and fix what doesn’t.

Offering Medicare for all would provide an already-working competitive alternative in the healthcare industry that would lower healthcare costs, provide access and ease the pressures of health uncertainty for every one of us.

America CAN be HEALTHY at a reasonable, shared cost to all of us.


an EDUCATED America

Education is the backbone of any society and the framework for a free people. It is critical that we make educating our children a top priority. A strong public school system strengthens our society’s bonds and guarantees a strong competitive edge in the world economy.

America CAN be EDUCATED and lead the world in our information age.



As your Congressman, one of my immediate priorities will be to return our government to the people through a combination of (1) calling for a Constitutional Amendment to overturn Citizens United; (2) ending gerrymandering by taking redistricting out of the hands of politicians; (3) implementing national voting standards; and (4) making automatic voter registration a federal policy.

America CAN be the Democracy our founders envisioned, free of the overwhelming and unhealthy influence of money in our political process.



Climate destabilization is the greatest threat our world faces today and it's our moral obligation to future generations to reduce that threat. We need a comprehensive national energy policy that focuses on reducing carbon emissions and shifts our current economic incentives from dirty fuels to clean renewable energy industries.

America CAN lead the world in sustainable, profitable and innovative environmental solutions.


a GRATEFUL America

The brave men and women who defend our country deserve our highest respect and our best care. Too often, our Veterans are frustrated by the with the services by the very agencies charged with their care. We must do better.

We need to modernize those Veteran services so every Veteran has access to timely, high-quality healthcare, including mental health and drug addiction services.

America CAN be GRATEFUL to our Veterans.



It is time for Congress to come together and develop a comprehensive immigration policy that is both fair and humane. Mass deportation would cripple our economy and split up families, and that is not who we are. Immigration reform should provide qualified undocumented immigrants with a legal way to earn citizenship. It should require everyone to play by the same rules, including background checks and paying taxes.

America CAN be WELCOMING to those who share our values, our dreams and our interests.